Flowing Pill

w/ SlowFlow
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An hour long dip into a hypnotic flow of electrifying & undulating hallucinatory rhythms, merging with experimental shape-shifting glitchy sounds. Immerse your emotional body into these psychedelic atmospheres and organic soundscapes and open up for a mind-bending visionary experience.

Atticus Ross, Leopold Ross & Claudia Sarne - Bathed in Red Light
Master Minded - The Sacred Spot Feat. Tye B
Erothyme - May The Starlight Guide You Home
Moon Frog - Star Portal
Goosebumpz - Deadlock
False Identity - Every Branch Must Bend
Quanta - Beyond Projections
Land Switcher - Headwork
Chamberlain - Yaksha
Wolfzar† - Mineral Collapse
Futexture - Amphibelle (Easyjack Remix)
MantisMash - Dancing Lights
Shankara - Dusk
BogTroTTer - Immersion
Somatoast - Robot Rain Drops
Desert Dwellers - Wandering Sadhu (Prizmo Remix)
Sasha - Linepulse
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