Flowing Pill

w/ SlowFlow
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An hour long dip into a hypnotic flow of electrifying & undulating hallucinatory rhythms, merging with experimental shape-shifting glitchy sounds. Immerse your emotional body into these psychedelic atmospheres and organic soundscapes and open up for a mind-bending visionary experience.

Erothyme - Our Sacred Acres
Plantrae - Primary Decomposers
DRRTYWULVZ - Trees & Tents
Halfred - Snowons
Kaya Project - Taki Ura Matts (Lo.Renzo Remix)
Bassline Drift x Halfred - Journey Home
Gumi - Chemistrix
Desert Dwellers - I Dropped It (Halfred & Enzalla Remix)
Hang Massive - Warmth Of The Sun's Rays
Aligning Minds - In the Wake of Forever (Subaqueous Remix)
Hedflux & Alex Delfont - Hocahe
Sasha Malkovich - Enlightenment Perceptions
School Of Crystal Healing - Nature Of Green
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