Flowing Pill

w/ SlowFlow
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Festival season is finally here and SlowFlow takes the occasion to delve into a selection of hallucinatory music from artists who will be taking the stage at the legendary Ozora Festival official in Hungary. Expect tracks from Symbolico, Mantis Mash or Globular on a playlist will take you on a wobbling psychedelic journey.
Kaya Project - Desert Child (Ambient Mix)
Ion Driver - Deep Sands
Somatoast - Stepping on Cracks (Bwoy de Bhajan Remix)
Voljum - Electric Forces (Smigonaut Remix)
Smigonaut - Council of One
Somatoast, Ekorce - Fruit Dat Squirt (Ekorce Remix)
sumthin sumthin - Aluminum
Tipper - Diapaused
Sam Shure - Dystopia
I Awake - Inner Bird
Ekorce - Feel Your Skin (Version Bizar Experiment Remix)
Symbolico & Earth Connect - Hanging in Space
Globular - Pure Magic
Nanosphere - Dematerialize (MantisMash Remix)
Moon Frog - Missed You
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