Flowing Pill

w/ SlowFlow
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An hour long dip into a hypnotic flow of electrifying & undulating hallucinatory rhythms, merging with experimental shape-shifting glitchy sounds. Immerse your emotional body into these psychedelic atmospheres and organic soundscapes and open up for a mind-bending visionary experience.

Tungsten Mountain - Twilight Flights
Globular & Geoglyph - The Observatory
Alasen - Temple
Wolf Tech - Geotic
Ekorce - Silk Mother
Somatoast & Zonra - Chimera
Zero Theory - This Is Endless
bioLuMigen - Nexus Anima
Symbolico - I'm Free
MantisMash - Sunglider
Tribalicious - Deep Space (Invisible Ralf Remix)
Dubtazer - Tek Flamenk
Craftal - Alpha Bitsy
Goosebumpz - Wide Awake
Bluetech - Restless (Erothyme Remix)
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