Freshly Baked Beats

w/ Kpchon & Mircha & Scânteie
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Classic, golden era, abstract, independent, alternative, turntable or new materials. A journey through a genuine urban culture that highlights hip-hop by promoting its worldwide underground realm, proving that the genre is more alive and fresh than ever before.

This episode was put together alongside Scânteie aka Ad Literram.
Smoke DZA, Flying Lotus, Black Thought Drug Trade - Drug Trade
Jae Skeese, Goosebytheway, Shots Almigh - Blue Glass
Suprême NTM, Sofiane - Sur le drapeau
MpDrees24, Hairo, Dion Mase, Nosa, PHiN - GOUD WAARD
IAM - Des mots crasseux
Orko Eloheim, Odessa Kane, Staple Mouth - Outbreak
Onyx, Snowgoons - Throw Ya Gunz - Remixed
DoomDaWiz, Cookiehead Jenkins, Ndakut, The Bad Seed, Kool DJ Nez - Back On Da Block
Chief Kamachi - Cotton
Stu Bangas, Chino XL - Mir8cles Opposite
Planet Asia, Snowgoons, Sixkay - Brick & Motor
Nas - Death Row East
DL Incognito - Fire Power
Rasheed Chappell, Xp The Marxman - Congregate
De La Soul - Trying People
Daniel Son, PhybaOptikz, Blizz, Raspy - Rumbar
Boldy James, ChanHays - Strange Days
lojii - keep_it_real
Murs, Wiardon - Flowers for Guru
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