I Am a Strange Loop

w/ Monica Vlad & Wolfgang DorNinger
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Strange Loops from the Sonic Sound Studio in Linz, Austria by Wolfgang Dorninger

Position 1:
The Online Sound Mixer

by Wolfgang Dorninger, 2019

Loops and layers from the archive

You can mix field-recordings, little sound snippets, beats, noises and circuit bended stuff from the musical archives of Wolfgang Dorninger. Have fun and enjoy to jam around with my sounds to create wonderful audible results.
Let's praise the Aleatorik.


Position 2: DRKMBNT

by Wolfgang Dorninger, 2018 - now

drkmbnt is a live act that performs its music with self-soldered sound tools. The music is improvised, every now and then drkmbnt jams for a long time and arrange a piece from the recorded parts.

drkmbnt loves to improvise, loves those moments when orderly things break into disorderly ones, when he no longer knows how things will continue. And then, purely by chance, another possibility opens up.


Position 3:
The Interactive Synthetic Birdsound Mixer

by Wolfgang Dorninger, 2011 - now

"Jenseits des Wassers / Beyond The Water" - Artificial and hybrid bird sounds

„Their wonted liveries, and the mazed world, By their increase, now knows not which is which“ (Titanian Queen of the Fairies, in „A Midsummer Night's Dream“ by William Shakespeare)

"Beyond the Water / Beyond The Water" is a sound installation by Wolfgang Dorninger with artificial bird sounds, from time to time the hybrid or synthetic bird cultures of "Beyond the Water" appear, creating with their songs a sensuous environment. An environment to contemplate or discuss today's key topics like migration, evolution or biotech. The human attempts to evoke quality leaps in nature by means of technology are to be discussed from the point of view of "the culture can be against nature" (Patrick Dandrey).

"Beyond the Water" creates a metaphorical sound space in which hybrid bird beings address the distance between nature and media experience, while the sound design replaces the autonomous sense of nature and creates a new reality through the hybrid.

Sound Mixer: http://www.base.at/beyond/beyond_mixer/beyond_mixer.html
More Information: http://dorninger.servus.at/soundart/ 

Position 4:
Josef K. Noyce sings Shakespeare

by Wolfgang Dorninger, Geza Eisserer und Peter Androsch (1985 – 1993)

“O Hamlet! thou hast cleft my heart in twain” / “The Beat Act” / “Wild Thing” (1987, Die Ind, 1989, Out of Depression - Trumpet by Horst Paster)

An echo from the past!

Josef K. Noyce had a simple recording-concept: He switched on all his machines and instruments in his studio. On the walls he placed sheets with text and ideas. Then he pressed the record-button. He recorded all sessions on a Revox reel-to-reel machine pushing the lights into the red-zone. The day after Josef K. Noyce started to cut & edit the reel tape. No overdubs, no multi-tracking.

Only for the record "Josef K. Noyce sings Shakespeare" Josef K. Noyce changed his work-style and recorded the album with Atari, Sync-Box & Fostex 8-track. And with this record Josef K. Noyce - a solo project - became a real band with Peter Androsch on guitar, Geza Eisserer on percussion, keyboard and as songwriter and Wolfgang Dorninger aka JKN as singer and songwriter.

Position 5: Innen-Aussen-Raum

by Wolfgang Dorninger, 2021

Two rooms, Indoor and outdoor, one music performance based on composed and alogrithmic music. Live- Premiere September 2021.

Produced by Hollyhock4.
Recorded live May 2021 at Sonic Sound Studio – Indoor Version.

Wolfgang “Fadi” Dorninger



Sound is the main focus of my artistic work, no matter as musician (The Smiling Buddhas, DORNINGER, Wipeout, ...), label-owner (base), sound-artist or lecturer at the Art University of Linz. Two diametrically opposite worlds of sound occupy my work oscillating inbetween musique concrète and digital sound- production in a range from sound-installations, multi-media-performances, music for theater or techno.

My working credo is: Sound Art before midnight, and Techno after midnight. 

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