I Am a Strange Loop

w/ Monica Vlad & Pencil&Cherries
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After graduating high school in my hometown Linz, Austria, I dedicated my entire life to music, touring with my bands throughout Europe in the 1990’s, then developing my career as a sound engineer since 1999; in the USA, South America, Russia or Israel for example.
I'm still actively involved as (teaching) sound engineer in the independent culture organization KAPU, Linz, Austria. My approach to music is limitless, I soaked up a deep basic understanding for this particular type of art, as well as for art in general.
My natural interest for modern science and physics lead me to working for the ARS ELECTRONICA and the ARS ELECTRONICA CENTER, merging concepts of modern art, scientific research and innovation, as an educative guide, from 2011 to 2016, including workshops in Ableton Live.
I won't stop doing music – with others, for myself, theater plays and movies and who-knows-what. I sing, play bass, guitar and bariton guitar and a little saxophone. There's still a lot of limits to be pushed and challenges to be taken.
Pencil&Cherries - Entanglement of Hearts
Pencil&Cherries - Heaven to Hell
Pencil&Cherries - Intoxicated
Pencil&Cherries - Pantha Rhei
Pencil&Cherries - Neptune's Daughters
Pencil&Cherries - No Wonder
Pencil&Cherries - Jack in a Box
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