I Am a Strange Loop

w/ Monica Vlad & Abby Lee Tee
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Alongside his work in numerous collaborations and bands, Austrian musician Abby Lee Tee has been releasing a steady stream of constantly-evolving solo material since 2009, nurturing a passion for field recordings and unusual instruments. His fascination for the divisions and crossovers between noise and music, as well as nature and culture, can be seen in his work with installations, sound-walks, sound design for theatre and audiovisual projects, as well as records on labels such as Shash, Czaszka, Dinzu Artefacts and Accidental.
Knud Viktor - Les Ephemeres (part 1)
Meitei - Curio
Jan Jelinek - Lady Gaga, You Once Said In An Interview That You Write Music For Fashion
Julian Sartorius - Noiraigue - sainte - Croix
Fabio Perletta - Hesitant #5
Philippe Vandal - B. Perspective
Cinematic Orchestra - The Workers Of Art
Imbi Valgemäe - Pireti Tähtsad Päevad
Sebastiano Carghini - Part Ii
Dim Grimm - Frolille
Ricci Rucker & Mike Boo - Louie Lopez
D - Styles - Diabolikal
Chra - Phorusrhaecidae (silvia Kastel Remix)
Monica Vlad - Distant
Jan Nemecek - Organs
Sandra Boss - Masking Disorder
Die Schönsten Vogelstimmen - Singdrossel
Delia Derbyshire & Elsa Stansfield - Circle Of Light Pt1
Pascäal - Cat`s Eye
Mary Lattimore - Never Saw Him Again
Hubert Daviz - Nebulous Interlude
Quasimoto - Greenery (instrumental)
Merz & Julian Sartorius - The Hunting Owl
Giovanni Lami & Glauco Salvo - B2
Katharina Ernst - X_03
Leyya - Dyno Intro
Dj Spinna - Dilla Is The G. O. A. T.
Mira Calix - Rightclick
X. Y. R. - Lost City
Escape Hatch - Glasklang / Schleife
Me, Claudius - Lifestyle 1
Ruutu Poiss - Halli (33 Rpm)
Denaji - Dharma Drama
Katharina Ernst - X_07
Pascäal - Rassera
Pulsinger & Irl - Mask
Serb - Stampcrabs
Church Andrews - 2. 1
Syntax - Source
Chra - Abandoned House (fennesz Remix)
Audio Obscura - Through Rain (distant Choir)
Karl Fousek - In The Forest (chapter 3)
Theclosing - Matter
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