w/ HC-(M)
H C-(M) is a designer and cultural vector based in-between locations who focuses on interviews/sound/graphics-as-templates to explore topics fuelled by Silicon Valley contxts, surveillance aesthetics and technology + information.
Objekt - Agnes Demise (original mix)
DJ P - If You Want (You’re new alarm)
SYRTE - Simulation Assimilation
SØS Gunver Ryberg - Doing our best is no longer good enough
Yogev Freilichman - Hot Air
Richard Devine - Plonked Spectral (remix)
Richard Devine - ornament 8 x
Tomomi Adachi - Naoka
Colin Self - Research Sister
"Nguzunguzu - Water Bass Power [hosted by sci-hub.fm]
H C-(M) - S-H Intermission
Dominique - Junk Sleep
Kyoka - Lined Up
Kentaro Hayashi - Peculiar
Rabit / DÆMON & Endgame - Bloody Eye / Let Me Breathe
Nazar - Enclave (Immuno-Edit)
Slikback - Kyokai
Kanna - Cling Clang Empire [H C-(M)’s de-coin_structure remodel] (featuring Adam Zaretsky)
H C-(M) - Immunologics / Outro
Porest - The Porest Trap
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