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These new sets represent a long theme involving the possibility of human evolution through repeating continuous sounds which brings the focus on something else than the chaotic aspect of the mind and its unending string of associations. The sets are most efficient while sitting on a chair, or sofa, but not lying down. Lying down leads to sleep, not an increase in attention and a shift in perception.

While sitting on the chair, or sofa, in a relaxed position, the listener should try to put his attention on his body, as in sensing his hands, or legs, without moving them - filling them with one's attention. Thoughts of course will come, and they are mostly useless, but this shows how little we control our lives, as they become automatic, and we cannot for one moment settle with our activity. Let the thoughts be there as if one looks at the horizon while in a car, not targeting anything in his vision, phased out. Attention on the chest is most effective in this matter, but for starters, one can sense his hands. Whenever one finds that he followed a train of thought, he can come back at sensing the hands. This attention on the body, combined with the high pitch music, can clear one's train of thoughts and be able if only for a few seconds, to become or realize something else than his usual filters/thoughts/false self. Enjoy!

PS. Please do this while sober. Drugs and alcohol are not at all welcome in this experiment.
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