w/ Diana Miron & Marina Oprea
Inspired by the awkward elevator in Marina’s building where a radio plays perpetually, this LIFT is going down, from the rooftop of cloud rap to the basements of dungeon core. What song’s playing next? A Russian roulette type beat.
Here we’ll explore those music subgenres you may have heard of before but you’re not 100% sure. 

IN LIFT with Diana Miron and Marina Oprea is about the witch in witch house or the core in nightcore.  About I'm in love with the Rococo versus the male gaze in shoegaze.
Together, we wandered the annals of the internet for the weirdest and most obscure stuff, our main source of inspiration.

Spectral, Hyperspectral & free, Diana Miron has been making music since she was 5 years old. Her current projects include electro-acoustic improvisation collabs, soundtrack composition and sound design for theater, film, vocal coaching, contemporary music workshops and installations.

 Marina Oprea writes about contemporary art, the internet and pop culture, ideally all at the same time. Jack of all trades at RevistaARTA and TLTXT, sometimes an artist and terminally online.