Inertia Movement presents Freedom Rucks of Interdependence

w/ Ciprian Ocean
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With “Freedom Rucks of Interdependence (FRI)” Inertia Movement opens a new whimsical journey of two hours that will escape the ubiquitous. Interdependence is a new must in our web driven societies in which the struggles to overcome the anomalies of loss of identity are attempting to revive the complex inter-relationships of the artist, venue and community. We’re taking you easy,  daylight exploring the changes in music, however reflecting communities culture.

Freedom Rucks of Interdependence is a revived edition of a similar project hosted now by Black Rhino Radio and focuses on playing the music of the unheard, from all korners of the sound, timbre texture and composition as well as opening doors to music exploration.

Those who connect with its waves, rhythm,  sound texture and overwhelming resonances developping very intimate relationships with music will find themselves spoiled first class. The others will get soon there addictively. We will discover our  musical identities in the same way we very often discover or sense only by travelling ourt from our daily physcial landscapes. The spirit of pirate radio in the context of fragile interdependence!
Oleg Kostrow - Christmas Time
DJ Shadow - Outsider Intro
DJ Shadow - This Time (I'm Gonna Try It My Way)
The Cinematic Orchestra - All That You Give (feat. Fontella Bass)
Rival Consoles - The Cloud Oracle
Dare Van Reed - Triocha
Rival Consoles - Pulses of Information
Destroyer - Kaputt
Laraaji - All Of A Sudden
Maxence Cyrin - where is my mind
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Understanding Body Messages
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Expanding Electricity
Yuji Ohno Trio - Treasures of Time (Funky & Pop version)
You & The Explosion Band - Lupin III '79
Rival Consoles - Flow State
Francis Bebey - Forest Nativity
Sasha - Vapour Trails (Kiasmos Remix)
Four Tet - Anna Painting
Dare Van Reed - Move Like You Mean It
Oleg Kostrow - I Am Robot
Iwahashi Seima (Elements Garden) - Battle Mode -Happy-
Jun Chikuma - dessert
You & The Explosion Band with Tommy Snyder - Super Hero
stardust - music sounds better with you
Boards of Canada - The Color Of The Fire
Douglas Dare - Heavenly Bodies
Jun Chikuma - ooze
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