Inertia Movement presents Freedom Rucks of Interdependence

w/ Ciprian Ocean & Alva Noto
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In this episode Ciprian speaks about electronic music, balance, rhythm with Carsten Nicolai or most known Alva Noto. We look back at the history of electronic music and Luigi Russollo, one of the first futurists and maybe the inventor of the synthesizer concept: a musical box creating electricity driven sounds.

Alva Noto creates visual and acoustic sound sculptures with a surgical focus on auditory and light frequencies. He adds a minimalism and clarity to his art, a simplicity and balance creating a unique musical character. His collaborations include Ryuichi Sakamoto, Mika Vainio and Ryoji Ikeda. He’s also found in commissions together with Blixa Bargeld, Anne-James Chaton and the well known Iggy Pop.
Alva Noto - HYbr:ID Oval Collider
Alva Noto - Uni Chord
Alva Noto & Anne-James Chaton - A-BU –> BUG –> BU-CR
Cyclo. - Id#06
Iggy Pop  Tarwater  Alva Noto - Ages And Ages Returning At Intervals (EP Version)
Diamond Version - EP 1-5-006-Diamond Version-Shift the Future
Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto - Berlin
Alva Noto - Early Winter (for Phill Niblock)
Alva Noto and Blixa Bargeld - Berghain
Diamond Version - EP 1-5-015-Diamond Version-Operate At Your Optimum
Alva Noto - Uni Normal (Ben Frost Remix)
Alva Noto - A Forest
Alva Noto - Jr
Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto - Monomom
Mika Vainio + Ryoji Ikeda + Alva Noto - Movements 4
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