Inertia Movement presents Freedom Rucks of Interdependence

w/ Ciprian Ocean & Aleksandra Słyż
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Aleksandra Słyż

Aleksandra Slyz is a Polish composer, sound engineer and sound artist graduated from Poznań Academy of Music in Western Poland and the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Sweden.

Slyz is creating rich and diverse drone structures in her work highlighting microtonality’s resonances and tensions. She experiments with sonification techniques such as body movement sensors which can be seen in her work with Hypercycle in 2021. Her work lies in between new technology possibilities that enable waves to shape sound qualities and her fantastic classical background.

Aleksandra Słyż was in 2022 part of the Shape European Union selection, a platform for emerging artists.

2023 was   in the shadow of AI and AI is going to be part of our lives in a more present and definable way. In the interview Aleksandra explains on the importance of balance between technology and being in the context where truth and media are being challenged by the rise of AI tools.
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