Inertia Movement presents Freedom Rucks of Interdependence

w/ Ciprian Ocean & Negativland
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In today’s show Ciprian continues the interview with Negativland’s Mark Hosler and Jon Leidecker about technology related work on their recent records “True False” and “The World Will Decide”.
Negativland’s music has been “a form of self-defense in being under-attack by information, media and technology”. Over the years their records raised sensitive problems on: commodification of every physical and emotional lives, monotheism and the all-important role played by the human brain in our beliefs, the impact of mass advertising, our nervous systems, our realities, and the evolving forms of media and technology that orchestrate our perceptions.

Today's episode explores the balance needed to approach technology and recently, Artificial Intelligence be it open or closed, within a critical approach ethos, all in a context of post-truth information environment and historical sophistication of technology combined with advertising abuse (starting with the tobacco strategy in 1969).

Apart from the exemplifications, the show plays music rooted cyberpunk culture open materials from Internet Archive, culture in which Negativland were part of as contributors to the “Mondo 2000”, a cyberculture magazine. The talk ends with the story of Seeland Records and label artists being played such as TISM, the notorious Australian band, and  Sagan, John Leidecker’s collaboration with Blevin Blectum and Jay Lesser (also part of Matmos). 
Negativland - Can You Hear Me (Brussels)
Negativland - Content (Glasgow)
Michael Synergy - Cyberpunks
[Unknown] - 2000 Tomorrows From Now
Negativland - Why Are We Waiting
Sagan - Migration Rights
Negativland - Mounting the Puppy
Negativland - They Know How Busy You Are
Negativland - Attractive Target (Newcastle)
Negativland - Vortex Abrazuck (London 2)
Negativland - More Data
Negativland - True False
People Like Us & Wobbly & Matmos - Morning
TISM - Jung Talent Time
Xerophonics - Matrix 12510-12
PantyChrist - Coconut
Gitar - TV Dinners
The Rudy Schwartz Project - What's Up
Negativland - Basketball Plant
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