Inertia Movement presents Freedom Rucks of Interdependence

w/ Ciprian Ocean
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Today's show plays music from the 20’s edition of Elevate Festival in Graz, Austria. This year the festival featured shows from Ryoki Ikeda, Maya Shenfeld, Isabella Forcinitti and DJ Krush. Fantastic music from many others being featured in today's show.

Beyond the immersive visuals from Pedro Maya the festival presented an installation from Dorian Concept in Schlossbergstollen elevator created in 2020 together with the Finnish artist Jimi Tenor. The elevator is dug into one of the rock hills surrounding Graz; in the same mountain the club “Dom im Berg'' hosted most of the nights of the festival featuring music from Hyperdub records, Hudson Mohawke and Animistic Beliefs.

Little interventions from Ciprian on this show however he will revisit some of the ideas of the festival in the future editions. Finally festival had a powerful political discourse this year featuring Professor Shalini Randeria on the dangers of authoritarianism in Europe particularly relevant in an elections year, Nick Srnicek and his fight for free time and Fredrick Gertten’s “Breaking Social” exemplifying the corruption and the power of the people against it.
DJ Krush - Nostalgia feat. Takashi Niigaki
Proc Fiskal - Anti Chessst
Iglooghost feat. LOLA - Light Gutter
Granul - Aksayan
Colleen - Separating Variation I (Live in the Moog Sound Lab)
Martin Glass - Now Industries (Hypnotransformation)
Colleen - Conditional (Moog) FOR ANIMAL SHELTERS
Isabella Forciniti - Roberto Antoni
Maja Osojnik - der krieg sagt
Manisdron - Alphabet Of Spring
ssolve - RYTM F
Animistic Beliefs - Untitled (Khi Minh Gap Lai)
Ryoji Ikeda - ultratronics 04
Kode9 - Lagrange Point
Hassan Abou Alam - Shalfata (3Phaz Remix)
Foodman - Fuwari
Iglooghost - Collision Data (feat. Marina Herlop)
Kenji Araki - Fuck Hope
Animistic Beliefs - Kurang Tidor - Huan Jue
Manisdron - Restive Lines
Kerrie - Machine Alliance
Ryoji Ikeda - ultratronics 02
dieb13 - Gaston
Zoë Mc Pherson - On Fire
Simo Cell - blow the conch
Proc Fiskal - Prop O Deed
45Diboss & Ikonika - Party on the Moon (feat. Tashi)
Tiga x Hudson Mohawke - VSOD (Velvet Sky of Dreams) feat. ABRA
CCL - Mambo No 6
Maja Osojnik - ich möchte die sterne sehen
Habib x Black Rave Culture - Moina when the Sub is Poppin
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