Ink Project

w/ Jez Lloyd
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Ink Project is Brighton-based producer, DJ and Blind Colour label owner Jez Lloyd’s fusion of ambient, electronic/soul, dub, broken beat/breaks/electro, leftfield pop, house/techno and global music.

Expect these styles and more from this unique, multi-genre DJ and sound selection wizard.
Shpongle - Mycelium Labyrinth
Insect O. - Forest of the Monkeys
Gabriel Le Mar - Café Oriental
Cousin - Drumtalk
Ex-Terrestrial - Mojave Skyline
Al Wootton - Fellaheen
Dylan Debut - In The Mood (Toka Remix)
Burnski x Kepler - Colour
Bushwacka! - Herbal
Primitive - Primitive Urges 3
Fred P - Reap Love
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