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Difficult to fit into a certain pattern, INSRT’s main purpose is to create an audio experience built on the foundation of the most under-rated music genres. Bringing up on some of the most experimental artists or carefully curating some of the best post tunes, the bi-monthly show will be a different kind of playground.
Kreng - Karcist
Atom™ - Winterreise
Bersarin Quartett - Niemals Zurück
kangding ray - Sub.Res
The Haxan Cloak - Dieu
Barn Owl - Void Redux
Murcof - Sangre y Mateo
Monolake - Toku
Vatican Shadow - Chopper Crash Marines' Names Released
Raime - Passed over Trail
Svarte Greiner - The Boat Was My Friend
Talvihorros - Alpha
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