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Difficult to fit into a certain pattern, INSRT’s main purpose is to create an audio experience built on the foundation of the most under-rated music genres. Bringing up on some of the most experimental artists or carefully curating some of the best post tunes, the bi-monthly show will be a different kind of playground.
DEADLETTER - Pop Culture Connoisseur
Dog - Beep! Beep! Honk! Honk!
Bilk - Spiked
Kaputt - Movement Now
Ditz - Ded Würst
shame - Fingers of Steel
Special Interest - Disco II
Home Counties - Back to The 70s
Cheap Teeth - I Am the Mud
Horsegirl - Anti-glory
Hallan - Sich Übergeben
Crows - Slowly Separate
Gustaf - Book
Talk Show - Leather
Lamps - Horse Cow Goat Pig Dog
Pozi - Detainer Man
Stuck - Labor Leisure
Enola Gay - Through Men's Eyes
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