Into the mixing glass

w/ Dragos Bucur, Rares Roman
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Tav, born and raised in Bucharest, developed his passion for music mixing in 2009, when he interacted with an audio mixer for the first time. Media exposure or any other type of advertising don't matter for him, the most important thing is how he connects with the audience, and what his carefully selected tracks are transmitting. In the last 13 years, he split this time between the hospitality industry and music. His main activity is behind the bar, being a barista for the last 8 years, with music as a hobby. His next big step is to build a music studio and to start music production. He prefers the romanian sound and his most played genres are Romanian minimal (known as RoMinimal), house and underground with a touch of classical sound. He occasionally mixes at various private parties, away from social media. Some of the songs that he likes to play are from romanians like Crihan, Sepp or Nu Zau but  also foreign artists like Ted Amber, Swoy or Enzo Leep.
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