Introducing the Sound of Norway

w/ Rune Lindbaek
Get ready to be transported to the fjords with the Norwegian maestro Rune Lindbæk weaving a sonic tapestry of cosmic disco, retro-futuristic synth, and post punk in a journey through the galaxy of sound.

With soon to be four decades of experience behind the decks in 30 countries, Oslo's Rune Lindbæk has built a reputation for his unique blend of soundscapes and pulsing beats in places like Pikes (Ibiza), Sunday Best (London), Wilde Renate (Berlin) and Camp Cosmic. 

His sets are a journey through the heart of Norway's rugged majestic mountains to the sparkling fjords, where the darkness of the winter nights meets the warmth of the midnight sun.

From his early days in Tromsø releasing records on Reinforced Records and Apollo/R&S to collaborations with Idjut Boys, Bjørn Torske, Lindstrøm, Röyksopp and Todd Terje - as well as remixes for Baldelli, Chaka Khan and Bryan Ferry - Lindbæk has an ability to craft emotive soundscapes that transport listeners to a world beyond the ordinary.

Join us on a sonic adventure with gems that will have you dancing under the stars!
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