Inward Soundscapes

w/ Inward String
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“Inward Soundscapes” is the carefully selected music experience that ping pongs through Inward String`s sound universe. Binging 80s metal, 90s electronics to techno, bass music, chill out and ambient selections together. The show brings you tunes to groove along to and detach from daily stuff, inward and outward.
Currently living in Belgium between a shisha bar and a bistro, Inward String continues the journey through old and new music.
Catch Inward Soundscapes by Inward String, every month at Black Rhino Radio and vibe like nobody's watching.
Nine Inch Nails - The Frail (Version)
Mount Kimbie - Break Well
Earth - Coda Maestoso in Fflat Minor (Autechre remix)
Massive Attach - Future Proof
Type o Negative - Burt Flower Fallen
Paradise Lost (Dead Can Dance Cover) - Xavier
Pact Infernal - Cicle VI Heresy
Ancestral Voice (Pact Infernal Remix) - Vine of Soul
Paula Temple - Monstro
Ansome - Pedal to the Metal
Ansome - Dagon's Dynamite (Perc Remix)
STS - Temporary Pleasure
Alignment - Dark Space
Airod - Curving Lines
Regal - All mine
FJAAK - District 8
Kiyoko - Track 1
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