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"Do we have Romanian jazz bands who play their own music?", "I just wish we would have something similar like this in our country", "Wooow, I didn't know we have such cool bands here!", "Where can we find more music like this?" and the list goes on and on...

Ever had these thoughts and wished to get an answer to them like...immediately?

lauræn has heared these questions and statements so many times, and now she's ready to shed some light on and share her insights about the Romanian Jazz Scene  - old and new, lasting and thriving, fresh and ambitious! A one hour show focusing mostly on the local scene and its sounds, but also on lauræn's favorite jazz (and not only!) releases from all over the world. A mix of records that shape her artistic vision, career and everyday life. Always on the search for that special something that makes you want to hear more from the artist and get obsessed with its magic.

Come along and get drawn into lauræn's world while discovering your new favorite bands.
JazzQuarters - Displaced (Live at Jazzbook)
Speakers Corner Quartet feat. Kae Tempest - Geronimo Blues
Roana Red - Innerverse
Nubya Garcia - The Seer
Zaharenco - Condition 5
Ife Ogunjobi - A Better Place
7th SENSE - Wild Birds
Reyna Tropical - Lo Siento
Moses Ideka, phil - Do It For You
Ezra Collective feat. Yazmin Lacey - God Gave Me Feet For Dancing
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