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Alexincase is a sonic psychonaut that oscillates between experimental, clasic, repetitive and always surprising worlds of sound. His style knows no boundaries as he adapts his selections live, depending on the moment, the public and, of course, the energy created.

He stands out with hypnotic soundscapes that really take you in an adventure at the boundary between dream and reality, where illusions of the night are dispelled. His sets can be described as sentimental layers of sounds that have the ability to work their way into peoples’ minds, leaning on deepness and a large spectrum of sound interventions.
Alex's lifetime passion, music, especially on vinyl - with which he has a soul-related relationship for many years, has brought him to the point where he began to mix many sets exclusively on vinyl, after many years of players or digital, a big influence for him was joining the Vinyl, Rum, Tapas & Wine rooster 4 years ago [ https://www.vrtw.life/artist/alexincase-dj-set ], since then he travelled the country to showcase his love for music on vinyl.

Producer of a weekly radioshow, for almost 5 years, on the late BINradio (București în Noapte), called Late Night Recordings, and also on "Radio Raptz" Paris for a short time, showcasing his music to the whole world while sharing the stage with lovely musicians like Parov Stelar Band LIVE, Marius Mihalache & Band LIVE, Julien Lebrun, Nopame, K-lu, Ufe, Alt Om, Iorga and many many others.

Alexincase, by his real name, Alexandru Bogheanu, countered numerous events in the last couple of years from big festivals like Electric Castle, Afterhills and Street Delivery Bucharest 2019 to playing his vinyl records at the Ploiești Jazz Festival in November 2019, an absolute highlight for him and, also, a great way to get to know some big artists like Ravi Coltrane, Benito Gonzales, Ralph Peterson, Pilani Bubu, Carmen Souza, Camilla George and many other great musicians.
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