w/ LAN, INA & LENI & Debbie Huisman
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Debbie Huisman is a real mover who was born in the year 1990. As she was involved with music at a young age, she could never sit still. Later on, she began a career as a dancer & teacher and worked in creative events and hospitality.

Her vision of life is to constantly grow, learn, reset & rebuild in intuitive ways. She always admires the work of different art disciplines and thinks we can learn alot from each other.

She decided a few years ago to learn to create in a different way and fell in love with mixing. In the beginning she used her mixes for her dance classes to give an extra boost for the brain & body. In the last years she made quick and focused steps forward. She is always very focused on the creation part and finding the right ingredients.

She selects her music with this intuitive mindset and developed a funky, raw selection of underground sounds which includes a wide range of oldschool & newschool acid, break, psy, ghetto electro & techno.
So In Luv - Bored Lord
Temptation (I Need U) - Sage Introspekt
Deep Inside - Sage Introspekt
Gravity Bongo - Roza Terenzi & D. Tiffany
Dolphin Girl - Mabel
Rain Dance - Manami
Green Smoke - Greta Levska
Clearly Rushing - Anz
My Loneliness Is Killing Me - Bored Lored
BAD GIRLS - Surusinghe
Breaking The Wave - Sonia Calico
Scenes from a Marriage - Ciel
Beat Pig - Roza Terenzi
Re-Wild (Breaka Remix) - Kelly Lee Owens
Gigi - Roza Terenzi
Hidden Alien - Black girl/ White girl
Hyphae - Swoose, Peach
Serving Cunt - Maara
Cosmic Pratt - Nice Girl
Free your mind - Eden Burns
My reality cheque bounced - Roza Terenzi, DJ Zozi
Stuff in the Trunk - Miss Kittin, the Martinez brothers
Askim - Mary Lake
Miss sweeties Inferno - Maara
Lizard den - Manami
Ultimate reward - Maara
Alpha wave - Black girl/ White girl
Fucktopia - DJ Fuckoff
Wasp of a woman - D.Tiffany, Tapestry of Sound
Cquence of Calamities - BASHKKA
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