Littlewood's law

w/ Maatus Pealler
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According to Littlewood's law, a miraculous event with odds of one in a million should happen to each one of us roughly once a month. Translated into the realm of sound, this means there is a chance that once a month, given a large and diverse enough sample size of styles and genres, a new piece of music will resonate with us in a profound and spectacular way. Besides promoting the authenticity and diversity of the musical expression found throughout the cultures of the world, this show aims at helping to create that unique and unpredictable moment of transcending sound.
Goat - Remind Yourself
Dengue Dengue Dengue - Banyuwangi
Mesut Aytunca, Silüetler - Ley Ley Leylo
Karen Nyame KG - Afrique
Ray Vanderby - Celebration
Mokhtar al Said, El Farka el Mesaya - Rakiya's Tabla
BTA - Hijazz Chaser (UBK Remiix)
Daniel Maunick - Macumba Quebrada
Ab Origine - The Pathfinder (Feat. Filippo Pigaiani)
Tenderlonious - Kirwani (feat. Jaubi)
Surprise Chef - Suburban Breeze
The Brkn Record - Say Black (feat. Dylema)
Restless Leg Syndrome - The Falcon
Mr. Carmack; Falguni Shah - NEW SQUAD
Woolymammoth, Tsuruda - Riskybidness
Low Limit - Trapperkeeper
Romare - Walking In The Rain
Romare - Arthur
Vieux Farka Touré & Khruangbin - Savanne
Chocolate Armenteros - Ritmo de mi son
Ruben Van Rompaey - Oasis
Yanga - Encendemos
Nicola Cruz - Puente roto
Deya Dova - The Jasmani Garden
Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors - Still Chillin'
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