Make up your mind

w/ Dragoș Ilici
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 Decisions, record unboxings, listening sessions, track premieres, dj sets and live jam sessions, studio recommendations & more
Vakula & Vitaly Tkachuk - Aim Hrim Clim
Eiger Drums Propaganda - Throat Complain
Symbiont & Atomi - Alien
Goste - Nu Blues
7th Plain - Slip 7 Sideways
Sun Electric - Every Now And Then
Simple Symmetry - Dervish Euphoria
Goste - Hobo Got Da Funk
Black Sash - Fungus Of Terror
Khidja - Back To Vid (Azu Tiwaline Remix)
62nd Cell - Bluestuff
Tipsy - Matango!
Alo_Nost - How To Drown
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