Mass Sewage

w/ adwell sewess
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A show featuring a wide array of idiosyncratic tunes, live performances, skits and sketches that will either shock or delight you. Let's hope you won't be too disappointed, but don't get your hopes up.
Blur - Y'all Doomed
…And Also The Trees - Midnight Garden
DJ Vadim - Relax With Pep (Part 5)
"The Darker The Shadow The Brighter The Light" - The Good In You
Garou - Povata Cu Talc (25 de ani)
Adwell - Track2
Sensorama - Echtzeit
Matmos - Nice Men In Stable Relationships
"Genesis P-orridge & Astrid Monroe" - Possesion
black midi - Crow's Perch
Slint - Nosferatu Man
Adwell - Track1
Farben - Rrival Inn (All)
Adwell - I Went On A Ship Overseas
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