20.05.2023        Language: Romanian

More Than A Hustle

w/ Alex Gâlmeanu
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The 5th episode of More Than a Hustle taps into Bucharest’s visual playground with photographer Alex Gâlmeanu.

Always on the lookout for genuine moments, faces or frames, Alex Gâlmeanu stands as a well versed visual explorer. He has been involved with image making since younghood and continues to expand viewpoints. You can say he is more than a photographer, a proper visual artist and image director focused on editorial, advertising, fashion or abstract photography. 

His work follows life, people as a driving force fueling the city motion. From sceneries to portraits, on his personal or professional endeavours, it’s always about and around people. How does he fill the dots between individuals, passions and contrasting spaces? Take a look through his lenses and meet the perspective! 

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