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“Nautilus” is the musical playground of Jijian, one of the oldest techno DJs in Romania. Some might say that he has been playing music since you didn't know if what he was playing was called tekno or techno.
Dub Taylor - Transition State II
Hardfloor - 4th Dimension Of The 5th Ward (E.R.P. Version 2)
Sillicon Scally - Moonax
Wagon Christ - Bleep Me Out
Carl A. Finlow - Count On It
Systemic - Domnu / Remix – GraGee
Sillicon Scally - Dark Matter
Hiver - Clouds the Mind
Faster - Twisted Cables
Appleblim And Peverelist - Circling - edit
Carl A. Finlow - Wafer Thin
Dominik Marz & Yannick Labbe - Dune
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