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“Nautilus” is the musical playground of Jijian, one of the oldest techno DJs in Romania. Some might say that he has been playing music since you didn't know if what he was playing was called tekno or techno.
Voigt.Mas - Cloud Synergy
Eric Cloutier - Ekpyrosis
Donato Dozzy - Time out of the Gap
Marcel Dettmann - Juper
Floorplan - Ritual (Sample)
EQD - Equalized #111 06
Kid Sublime - The Loop
Traumer - Madame (Main Mix)
eoism - Hypernorm
Plant43 - Radiant Flux
Sepehr - Hallucination Express
Toasty - The Knowledge
F - The Untitled Dub
Shackleton - Death Is Not Final
Herbert - Two Doors
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