w/ Jijian
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“Nautilus” is the musical playground of Jijian, one of the oldest techno DJs in Romania. Some might say that he has been playing music since you didn't know if what he was playing was called tekno or techno.
Plant43 - Destroying Angel
Jens Zimmermann & Thorsten Fenslau - Educate the Masses
Rhub A Dub - Theory 001
Lucita Octans - Aegian Chrome
Opik - Feel Yourself
Sound Crowd - Ringsend
Stephane K - Numb
Chab - Sunrise
W1b0 - Program Yourself to Feel
/DL/MS/ - Canvas
Cosmonaut - I-Machine (Derek Carr Remix)
Tony Carrasco - Fluteride (5th Floor Mix)
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