Nava Spatiala

w/ Musume & GHIU
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The show will present strange, obscure, out-of-this-world music, highlighting different areas of music such as concrete music, avant-garde, dada, acusmatica, and so on. From time to time, the hosts will feature interviews and will invite in the studio unlabelled local and international artists to talk and do a live collab.
Nava Spatiala - Orchestranarhista
Nava Spatiala - Kill all politicians
Nava Spatiala - This is the new shit!
Nava Spatiala - The brother from outer space (Musume)
Nava Spatiala - Shhhhhhhhhhht
Nava Spatiala - Epic win
Nava Spatiala - A sonic journey through consciousness
Nava Spatiala - Unexpected feelings
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