N'Kalka / n'kalka

w/ Kaius Leppah & Fanni Zahár
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Budapest-born and based in Rotterdam, Fanni Zahár is a versatile flute-player who is involved in countless music projects across Europe. As a teenager she joined the Solqlap Budapest hip-hop/funk/jazz collective that consists of musicians, producers and dj's and nevertheless has featured many renowned artists around the world. Fanni plays with Berlin-based producer and keys player Ábáse. This collaborative project features many fantastic musicians from Ghana, Nigeria and Brazil while mixing ancient sounds with jazz, afrobeat and electronic music. Showing her appreciation to the culture of African diaspora, Fanni is a member of The Mabon Dawud Republic, the group that is responsible for the annual Felabration parties in Budapest. Fanni is part of the Rotterdam-based Brintex Collective and a recurring guest artist in projects such as Zagar, Lilith's Rib, Deva, Oiee and Meo Culpa. She is also a member of the Onebeat Collective; a one month residency programme in the US and a worldwide network of musicians. Fanni also plays dj- and live sets under the name of "Zakhorov".
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