Odd Groove

w/ Cocco Mio & Giorgi Pipia
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I see blurred contours, fluid shapes, colours that change into a dissolved gradient. I see images I don't know how to draw. And I hear a distant odd groove.

// monthly electro something and everything in between //
Tamburi Neri - Dolce Veleno
Hardfloor - Dubdope
Global Communication - Alphaphase
Voices From The Lake - Iyo
BSS - Scannen
Data Soul - What am I living for
Moscoman - Dévoué (Manfredas Remix)
MR TC & Lo Kindre - The Contaminant
Lyra Pramuk and Rani Jambak - Restore
Eiger Drums Propaganda - Astral Lights
John Talabot - The desire of a particle to become a wave
Eiger Drums Propaganda - The Sun
Chris Carter - Electrodub 2
Iro Aka  - Close Encounters
LF58 - Rituale
Yoshinori Hayashi - 0 2 0 8
Sun Genam - Pinski4ex
Christian Coiffure - Sketches
Effective Force - Beyond Judgement
Obscure Seduction Series  - Chronicles of a Psychedelic Experience
Significant Other - Memory Drum
Leo James -  What Happened To You
Akis -  Into the Light (Tolouse Low Trax Remix)
People Plus - Olympus Mons
Cristian Vogel - LA Banshee 109
Victor de Roo & Alex Deforce - Nachtdichter
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