Odd Groove

w/ Cocco Mio & Barbu
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Barbu is an enthusiastic part-time music archeologist and full-time aspirational anthropologist. Head of flipside crew, a platform that promotes up & coming artists that share similar values around nightlife culture, digging and well researched electronic music. He is a fan of precise yet adventurous sets moving within and beyond house & techno diverse subgenres.
This time he shows off his offbeat less club friendly collection of sounds.
Eden Ahbez - Full Moon
Ex Ponto - Karst Plateau
Woodleigh Research Facility - I Hear The Sun
Borusiade - Dissolve the mind
River Yarra - Blooms
Burial, Four Tet, Thom Yorke - Her Revolution
Slowglide - Altitude Sickness
Mioclono feat John Talabot & Velmondo - Disobedience
Houschyar - Houschyar
Objekt - Lost and Found (Found Mix)
Marina Herlop - miu
Masayoshi Fujita - Led by a Blue Bird into the Mountain
Sun Electric - Afterglow
YUF-O - Do You Ever D.R.E.A.M of Flying?
Schroothoop - Mammoettanker (Herbstlaub rmx)
Simina Oprescu - KI 02
Cosmin TRG - Protoflora
Dan HabarNam - Nu este roz
Jon Hassell - Delicado
D.K. - Forest Palace
Azu Tiwaline feat. Cinna Peyghamy - Violet Curves
Piotr Kurek - Heat
Mira Calix - there is always a girl with a secret
Schneider Kacirek - Drums Drums
Ciccio & 2mo - Les Epices
Mokira - [untitled-06]
rRine - Grain Loek
Portable - Cages
Rosaceae - Powerful Actors
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