Odd Groove

w/ Cocco Mio
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I see blurred contours, fluid shapes, colours that change into a dissolved gradient. I see images I don't know how to draw. And I hear a distant odd groove.

// monthly electro something and everything in between //
Kinzua - Domestic Affair
Heith - a Venus flytrap in the circus lodge
OGMA - Gaud
A.S.O. - Go On
Kinzua - Sahara
GЯEG - Fane KK
OKO DJ - The Enchantress
Levan Shanidze - Didi ambavi
Akira Fukakusa - Beyond the sea
Nathan Dawidowicz - Idea's Eve
The Future Sound of London - Omnipresence
Cosmo Vitelli - How Is It To Be You? Feat. Truus de Groot (Andrei Rusu Remix)
Lechuga Zafiro - Sapo De Manga
Cotton Ferox - Revolt Against The Modern World
Lloyd Stellar - Solar Reflector
3Phaz - Drum Track
Love Horses - Beep of Bodming Mor
Heith - ()()(), 21, wheel of fortune
Andrea - Sephr
Mars Leder - Ride
DALO - Backlash
Shackleton - The Majestic Yes
DJ Prime Cuts - Kunta Kinte
Jonnnah & Salma Rosa - Blindfolded
A.S.O. - Go On
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