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This episode brings another fresh and contemporary subject- The Smooth City vs The Porous City.  We'll find more about it from this year's delightful publication of Valiz, called Smooth City and written by the critic and curator René Boer. When you see the book, you know you are going to enter into a whimsical journey of thought.The design is gentle with a pink that flows under your eyes. I purchased mine from Punch Bookshop, Bucharest. 
In terms of sound, I chose productions from various styles that resemble the attitude of the book, the freshness of an inquiry into an urban critique. We’ll be hearing all kinds of electronic music. We’ll be hearing all kinds of electronic music. Among them, I want to mention the labels S27 from UK, Former City Records from Dresden and Steel City Dance Discs from Australia/Uk.
d'at dee - Smooth City
Superparka - sushi boubou #1
DM DOKURO - illness worse than death
ADJ - Natural State 0
Blue chameleon - Nuvur's Adventure
Pseudo Intellectuals - Hard boiled
Auxilu - Tria
1905 - Never Been To Bristol
Two Dark Birds - Bow
d.locks - Experiment 101
Smooth McGroove - Chill
Various Buffalo Hip hop artists - Legal the Lifesaver
Lag - Beauty in Between
LB aka LABAT - Speed Of Love
Rap/Rap/Rap - So Contemporary
Mesme - Smooth Aligator
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