Onward & Eastward

w/ Joff
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Berlin based Joff presents his bi-weekly edition of Onward & Eastward, giving stage to underground music scenes in Eastern Germany, Eastern Europe, UK, and beyond. Expect reflections & interviews alongside breakbeat infused DJ mixes with a carefully selected curation of House, Electro, Bass, Garage, Trance, and Ambient music.

Born & raised in Eastern Germany, Joff has strong ties to various local music scenes in Germany, Poland, and Hungary with a focus on non-commercial subculture. In the past, he co-founded a handful of collectives that organise illegal outdoor or warehouse raves, always focusing on building warm-hearted, familiar communities and contributing to a shared vision of a lively scene. In Berlin, Joff runs various event series as well as he hosts and curates a range of formats at local THF Radio. Just having moved to Bucharest for a university semester abroad, he is keen on making moves within, and learning about, the Romanian underground scenes.
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