Ouch Collective

w/ Andria & Bianca
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Ouch Collective is a dynamic musical platform and community dedicated to amplifying predominantly female voices across the global music spectrum, transcending genres and boundaries.

At its core, the Ouch Collective is a trailblazer, challenging industry conventions by spotlighting and supporting womxn artists, illustrating that the stage is vast and accommodating for a multitude of talents. Beyond its artistic mission, the collective has transformed into a global nexus of friends, music insiders, event enthusiasts turned DJs, and individuals from diverse backgrounds. What unites them all is a shared passion for hip-hop culture and a profound love for music as a whole.

Ouch nurtures a shared sense of belonging, serves as a unifying force for creative expression, spanning a rich tapestry of genres, ranging from hip-hop's inception to its most intricate contemporary variations.

Beyond the collective’s deep-rooted connection to hip-hop, from classic old-school and 90s rap to soul, R&B, and the ever-evolving contemporary soundscape, Ouch's core emphasis lies on exploring the latest industry trends, aiming to align with and explore various musical styles and genres.

Ouch is not merely a DJ collective, it is a movement that empowers and embraces musical diversity.
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