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Once a month, St. Peter takes a day off and leaves his job to this girl Strudelific, live and alive from Earth. Little does Peter know that his temp uses her time at Heaven’s gates to turn Paradise into Paradisco – a haven for grooves, old and new alike, that retro-nostalgically stir your cravings for Downtempo, Deep Trance, Melodic House, a wee bit of Disco, and even your miscellaneous Techno-haberdashery. For Pete’s sake, tune in to Paradisco, grooveheads.

Lena Platonos - Bloody Shadows from Afar
Luca Musto - Boogie Angst
Xique-Xique - Prelúdio
Okuma - Jellydish
Vlad Jet - Velvet (Cross & Avocado Remix)
ELIXIR - Aconite
Arutani - Darkness Is My Nickname
Jacob Groening - Yag (Anatolian Sessions Remix)
Laurie Anderson - O Superman (NINZE & OKAXY Edit)
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