w/ M.A.U. & Search DiP
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The show will take you on an exciting midday musical adventure. Through their discoveries of long-lost African treasures with a twist of disco and house sounds, Search DiP and M.A.U. encourage you to dive into the high-beat music of the underground world scene. Listen, explore, let it brighten your day and proceed with caution: arousing feelings ahead!
Alvaro - Como teu te amo
Boncana Maiga - yala m le
Rita lee - agora e moda
The Aris thomas project - Ela
chain j - rock dub
Dj stefan egger - indian love
Camilla Huther - 50 ways to leave your lover
lina - Beats of love
la viny - havan hamac
Vincent Fortune - Bouc Emissaire
Hugh Masekela - something fo nothing
obina Shok - Adjeni
Agepe - Kirie
Bruno - Pre pos e sao
Tim Maia - Acenda a farol
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