w/ M.A.U. & Michael Triky
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Today M.A.U. has another special guest: Michael Triky, a Bucharest based DJ and producer with a musical selection and dancefloor friendly approach, a soulful blend of exotique grooves with disco and bass music, keeping the spirits high, making people move and parties last till morning.
Igor Gonya - Whoo-hoo-hoo
Processman & Cady - Sou Baiana
Moodena - Honky Tonk Man
Rita Lee & Roberto - Lanca Perfume (Filhos do Rock Remix)
Moodena - The Rattlesnake & the Ant
The Move - Ripa Na Xulipa
Serge Funk - You and I
Aurora Borealo feat. Ariele Frizzante - Gli Occhi del Mio Ex (Tamati Remix)
Moodena - Deep Fried Funk
Twism, Tom Novy, Jeremy Juno - You’re Gonna Miss My Lovin’
Igor Gonya - Get Lifted
Angelo Ferreri - That Riff
Igor Gonya - Habibijam
Mooglie, Agoria, Noemie - Spacer
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