Rave Traxx

w/ H33T
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H33T will dig into rave old and new records with bits of information about the selection. The show will show support for local and international rave producers spotting promo mixes or original productions.
A 10 min slot is reserved for local rave events info and guidelines.
Patrick DSP&Miss Dj - Boty Trap(Ritzi Lee remix)
Citric Acid - Painbox 303(Rob Acid remix)
Svetec - Just A Reminder
Philip Row - Cosmic Ape (Fatima Hadji remix)
Acid Junkies - Control
Cari Lekerbusch - Rubberneck Wanker
Microwave Prince - Deathcounter
Baby Elephant - The Moov (Captain Tinrib &Stev Thomas remix)
Paul Birken - Acid Youth Of Malibu (Blawan remix)
Dave The Drummer and Pattrix - Peace And Love
Dave The Drummer and Marcello Perry - Rewind Selector
Aldo Losito - Supersonic Power
Dj Shredda - Chainsaw(The Crow Remix)
DNS - Cyberline
D.A.V.E. The Drummer - Acid Reverberation
Land of the lost - Diabolic
Dj Slip Jill's - Meth
Sterling Moss & Henry Cullen - Hot Out Here
Acidupdub - Tek No Star
Acid Junkies - Acid Blaster
Ant & Patrick DSP - Minimum
Acid Warrior - 303 In The City
Julian Liberator, Android, Victor Strogonov - Moscow panic
DJ Triplex & Zellkern - Snow Drift
pedro delgardo & phill walls - Acid_future (lars klein remix)
Ferri Borbas &Simon Krach - Welcome (Thomas P Heckmann)
Drugstore - Punto Cero
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