Rave Traxx

w/ H33T
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H33T will dig into rave old and new records with bits of information about the selection. The show will show support for local and international rave producers spotting promo mixes or original productions.
A 10 min slot is reserved for local rave events info and guidelines.
Jah Scoop - Lock Dub Part I
Jah Scoop & Daddy Spanners - Rice N' Pea
Jah Scoop - High Rise
Jah Scoop - Let It Shine
Jah Scoop - Lock Dub Part II
Jah Scoop Meets Lemon Beard - Sure-Shot
Jah Scoop Meets Lemon Beard - Good Man
Jah Scoop - Urban Steppa
Jah Scoop Meets Tiddles - South London Skank
Jah Scoop & Daddy Spanners - Ruff Rider
Jah Scoop - Skunk Not Sensei
DJ Zebedee Meets Jah Scoop - Smoking Marijuana
Jah Scoop & Daddy Spanners - Reporter
Jah Scoop & Daddy Spanners - Lick It
Jah Scoop - The Burrup
Jah Scoop - Bodyguard
Jah Scoop - Goodnight Buster
Zyco & Cios - A Revolution not Worth Having
No Sell Out Troopers - Pump It
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