Rave Traxx

w/ H33T
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H33T will dig into rave old and new records with bits of information about the selection. The show will show support for local and international rave producers spotting promo mixes or original productions.
A 10 min slot is reserved for local rave events info and guidelines.
Wun - Diletante Pasive
Sifres - Government Control
Dx - A A
Sifres - Dawn(And I Need To Score)
Sifres - Munnin
Sifres - Psyhedelic Revolution
Acid Annonimous - Untitled Track B
Pau Hester - Break Of Dawn
Colission& Mr - Exo7
Dk & Dave - Untitled Track A
Mem Pamal - Trakass
Sam C - A Hole In The Universe
Ekeaze - Acid Is Back
Sifres - Burn It Down
Ino Hzd - No Render On Public
Vincent Vega - Untitled
Emel & Hesed - Gravitation
Dave Lxr - Stroj
Dave Lxr - Bubaci
Gaex & Tundra - Party (D Lxr Party)
Hungry Beats - It Burns
Knobz - Track 09
Kreat - Mental
Hesed - Reality's Riddle
Frank@ - Inside Me
Keja - Exciter Process
Keja - Perception Magnetique
Tt21 (Kone) - Dark Trip To Achemar
Eddie Geheim - Impulse
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