Rave Traxx

w/ H33T
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H33T will dig into rave old and new records with bits of information about the selection. The show will show support for local and international rave producers spotting promo mixes or original productions.
A 10 min slot is reserved for local rave events info and guidelines.
Truncate - Concentrate (Josh Wink Interpretation)
Brojanowski - Deeper
Akousmatt - Ataraxia
Kanthor - Épochè
Tiga VS Audion - Crushed by Meditation
Cavüm - Merging Sees
Cosmin TRG - Zentrum Ziggurat
Valerio Moscatelli - Decisioni Difficili
Alexskyspirit - Psychoactivity (!nertia Remix)
AFX - Japan (Bjarki pandemix)
Perseus Traxx - What Do U Want From Me
Cardopusher - Abyss Antidote
Puch-K - Snugglebumms
Yves Deruyter - Push It
MSTRKRFT - Chords Again
Setaoc Mass - Neo-Noir
Inland - Substrate
Pilo - Exit The Artificial
Steve Parker - Alien Mutation
Oliver Deutschmann - Oben (Rebar's Unten Remix)
Daniel[i] & Purl - Tesseract V
Brojanowski - Into the Abyss
Codex Empire - Primary Function
Rorsch - Windows of Soul
HVL - Belated Acid
Boris Brejcha - Lieblingsmensch (Edit)
Cari Lekebusch & Dungeon Acid - Burner
Max Darmagnac - No Return
Bloody Mary - Mono
Zavoloka - Promeni
Alva Noto - Uni Normal (Ben Frost Remix)
14Anger - Ruins (Crystal Geometry Remix)
Minimalviolence - Untitled Dream Sequence
chris liberator sterling moss - chris liberator sterling moss - massive line
Marc Houle - Arizona
Fase Bipolar - D105 (Eric Cloutier's Strong Blotter)
Buk - Paampu
Biocym - Iwhasp
Asllan - Death
Sentient - Form
Happa - Rolling Empires
Svarog - Red Poison
Havvoc - Naturalia
Biocym - Specter
Cosmic Clap - Black Waters
Mantra - The Swarm
SHDW & Obscure Shape - Hinter Dem Horizont
Sentient - Tropism
Nightwave - Inner Peace (Posthuman Remix)
Alexskyspirit - Desolation
Cristian Dumitru - Waterless
Amandra - Sarbacane d'Antan
Pom Pom - Untitled
Crazy Friends Colective - Base 7
Marco Shuttle - Onda Anomala
Cassegrain - Future D’Argent
Toni Alvarez - Robak
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