rock bottom for sale

w/ Serban
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hello, these guys said i have 60 minutes to do anything i want so i will fully take advantage of them and share some unsolicited music & thoughts found in the back of my mind every Tuesday at 12:00;
i shoot photos, i like finding new music, sometimes i enjoy the presence of other people, i am bad with words & i hate talking about myself.
Jazzanova - Bohemian Sunset
Smoke City - Flying Away
Tricky - Christiansands
Soul Coughing - Super Bon Bon
xique-xique - 1542
Injury Reserve - Knees
Suuns - Music Won't Save you
Against All Logic - Cityfade
Soulwax - Is It Aways Binary
Moderat - A New Error
Schneider TM vs KPartMichi.Gan - The Light 3000
Idris Muhammad - Could Heaven Ever Be Like This
Mihaela Runceanu - De-ar Fi Sa Vii
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