w/ Astronaut Kru
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The kru invites its passengers on a two-hour journey through the universe of rave culture on a mission to explore the wonderful sounds of the stellar underground.
It might get rough sometimes, but it's all safe and sound.
dj shadow/tetsuro naito - univearth
l'oeuf raide - tchaikeufski
turntable terranova - fiasko
silent strike feat. Norzeatic - dans cibernetic
loan - mosquito
khidja - devil dance
kpt'n planet - sexy track
wagon christ - bleep me out
matze - vrancea respiratoor
crystal distortion - teach your robot to sing
clark - superscope
autoexec - feeble nipple threat
jeff23 & crystal distortion - u-boat
crystal distortion - gavitron
ixindamix - wotcha braincells
AMEN ANDREWS - Living in Chains
Spin Value - Emotionality
Soul Mass Transit System - Trubble N Strife
Mani Festo - Hyperion
EZ rollers - Rolled into 1 (Photek remix)
Harmony - When You Hold Me
Mystix - Infinite
Current Affairs - Turbulence (Just Jungle Remix)
DJ Die - Reincarnated [Remastered]
Vibes & Wishdokta - Obsession
Fracture - The Breaks
Guau - Jungle [Extended Mix]
Samurai Breaks - TOO MANY SNARES
Sikka - Crazy
Uzi - flava
808 State - Azura (A Mix By Dilinja)
Krust - True Stories
Mark Halflite - Existence Of Matter
Handsome Jak - Slim
Coco Bryce - Irian Jaya
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