w/ Astronaut Kru
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The kru invites its passengers on a two-hour journey through the universe of rave culture on a mission to explore the wonderful sounds of the stellar underground.
It might get rough sometimes, but it's all safe and sound.
Banditos - Rotten Totem
Wagawaga - Acid Highway
Fky - …and Boogie
Banditos - Livette De Soir
Ixindamix - Quoth
Crystal Distortion - Fucking Ridiculous
23 Psi - Ozone
Ixindamix - Take Control
Crystal Distortion - Faith In Chaos
Ixindamix - High Jigz
Brixton & Phat Otiz - Alien Signal
Brixton & Phat Otiz - Come Along Children
Brixton & Phat Otiz - New School Acid
As'teka - Mictlantechutli
As'teka - Xolotl
Gehlektek - Anpressdruck
Gehlektek - Rave Cave
H23tek & Frantek Vandalizer - Tek Step
These Sounds Coming From Saturn - Let It Beat Ep
Knisdakanisda - Dirty Dancing
Tmh And Jzx - Bila Nemoc
Bandikoot - Gesta Danorum
La Tartine - Tok Tok Ici Tekno
Enko Vs Ling Ling - Smokestormer
Bandikoot - Squid
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